3. Food

The Aviary

Barrel Depletions: ice wine elixir, hibiscus, elderflower, barrel aged genever

Went to happy hour with Dyuts last night, and The Aviary was fantastic for this. While it is pricey (especially for already-broke MBA students), The Aviary is worth the experience. It’s a part of Grant Achatz’s molecular gastronomy restaurant empire (i.e. Alinea), and I recently discovered that it’s on the 2016 list of best bars in the world.

The ambiance is great (perfect little lounge for a girls happy hour), and the service is superb. All the drinks are extremely elaborate – very showy presentation, glassware, and even ice art.

Pictured above is my drink, Barrel Depletions, and it tasted as good as it looked. Ice wine elixir, hibiscus, elderflower, and barrel aged genever – is that the perfect sounding drink or is that the perfect sounding drink?!

I’ll be back again while I’m in Chicago – maybe once I have more money in my bank account!

The Aviary
955 W. Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607


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