2. Music

Mad Decent Block Party

Music recap 2/2 for this weekend! It’s kind of funny how Porter Robinson’s beautiful Worlds show was the night before the Mad Decent Block Party… these events could not have been any more different.

MDBP was, to sum it up really nicely, RATCHET. Pic not included, but this is where Lisa and I ordered shirts in the style of the “Thing 1 / Thing 2” shirts, replacing the words with “Thot 1” and “Thot 2”, and putting a picture of Diplo’s face instead of the Dr. Seuss character….. and we were definitely in the 99th percentile of non-ratchets in attendance.

But all scanty outfits, twerking, and sweating aside, MDBP was a lot of fun! Drove down to San Diego in the early afternoon and caught Cashmere Cat – he was great. I’d been really excited to see Diplo, but I think my favorite set was Flosstradamus (+ Waka Flocka). so. much. fun!!! The pic above is from Flosstradamus’s set – the people around us, including but definitely not limited to Wheelchair Dude above, were so into it.

Going to the afterparty may have been a little much, considering it was a Sunday night, and we were exhausted from 2 nights and 1 day of events. But we made it home in one piece (at 3 AM on Monday morning), and the Red Bull at work was definitely worth it, this was a weekend to remember!


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